SmartHL7 is a "brand" for a set of small tools I made for working with HL7 data. And this website is the place I use to share these tools

In my work place, we use expensive comercial software for processing HL7 data. To be fair, these tools are very decent, and they offer functions that cover the most of our needs. However, I felt there are certain aspects of these tools that can be improved, especially on ease-of-use and performance.

And many of my friends and colleagues cannot afford these comercial tools, and they just want to do simple things and they don't need sophiscated tools. I can see if they can understand and use HL7 data properly, they will be able to do a better job quicker (perhaps have less mistakes), and ultimately, this would benifit the patients care.

So these are the motivations for me to maken these HL7 tools. I also decided I'll make these tools small and simple. Mainly bacause I don't have the resource (time and money) to develop "Enterprise" software. And, these tools are result of my hobby, they are supposed to bring me pleasure, not pressure.

I enjoy using many small and good software tools myself, and feel sometimes they are better than those "Enterpise Suites". Because simple tools normally require less learning, and you are not distracted by the "other features" when you just want to get some simple tasks done. It's like in a kitchen, a good chef would appreciate a good knife and a good wok, than a sophisticated food processor.

I am pleased that the feedback I got for these tools are mostly positive and encourging. As time passes by, I'll have new ideas about extra tools or improvement. But while I enjoy creative programming and improved productivity, I had to priotise my commitments (such as my family and my job) over my hobbies. So keep an eye on this site, and I hope all the tools you found here make your life/work easier and more enjoyable.